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How quickly do Apple Developer Program accounts get ready for transfer?
How do you transfer Apple Developer Program accounts?
What comes along with Apple Developer Program accounts?
Apple Developer Program accounts are transferred by utilizing a two-factor authentication (2FA) process, which requires verification through a designated phone number. Additionally, access to the account is granted through the provision of AppleID credentials and email authentication.
For individual accounts, the process of account creation may take between 1 and 5 days, while for organization accounts, it may take between 3 and 10 days.
Individual accounts include access to Apple ID and email. Corporate accounts, on the other hand, offer additional benefits such as access to documents, the corporate website, and the ability to transfer corporate domains.
What to do in a year when the Apple Developer Program accounts will need to be renewed again?
Is it necessary to have proxies or virtual servers to use Apple Developer Program accounts?
For how long are Apple Developer Program accounts paid for?
Using proxies or virtual servers is not mandatory in most cases, but they can be utilized at your discretion.
If after a year you cannot renew your account on your own, you can write to us and we will help with the renewal.
All accounts are paid for exactly 1 year.
Can Apple Small Business be connected to your accounts?
Is it possible that the purchased account will be blocked for no reason?
Can you register accounts with certain requirements?
Apple Developer Program accounts are not disabled or banned until manipulated.
Yes, you can connect the Small Business program yourself.
Yes, we can register an account in a specific country and with the desired type of activity.
Can there be a problem with connecting bank details with your accounts?
I need 50-100-500 accounts per month, can I count on such volumes monthly?
You can easily connect bank details to receive payments from Apple. If for some reason you are unable to connect your details, you can write to us and we will give you a choice of several solutions for accepting funds from Apple.
Yes, every month we can provide stable and high volumes of accounts, covering any needs. Just contact us.